Great ideas how to write a concept album

This will inspire me on my concept album development. I’ve found a great article on “Wikihow” with tips and warnings.

Here the six steps you have to follow:

1. Listen to lots of existing concept albums.
2. Try to become a good so gwriter for songs generally.
3. Try to identify your concept.
4. Once you’ve got some kind of storyline in your head, try to separate it into various themes or moods for different parts / scenes and WRITE THEM DOWN.
5. Try to decide on specific styles, sets of chords or repeating sequences of notes or chords (technically called “leitmotifs”) or sound effects to represent different things.
6. Start writing lyrics and music around this framework you’ve built up.

The whole article you can read on

Wikihow – how to write a concept album

I will use it for the research report on my alternative progressive future rock concept album. Ok, next time I REALLY have to find a name for that thing.

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