Why this album title?

What is the meaning of space escapism opera?

The title of the concept album consists of the terms space, escapism and opera. Why these terms?

Why escapism?
Escapism describes an era, when people wanted to escape from reality. Out protagonist wants to escape from a world full of technology. The Technologies lead to diseases.

Why space escapism?
Many people in 2050 try to move to outer space. They want to follow up the moon colony. Space escapism also means to escape from the space where all people live in densely populated megacities. So the space can also be seen as places like rooms, buildings and cities.

Why opera?
An opera is a big art work combining text and a musical score. It tells an epic dramatic story.

Space escapism opera also includes the term space opera, which is a subgenre of science fiction, telling a melodramatic story that is set in outer space.

These are the ingredients that create that delicious album title space escapism opera.
Hear the audio files again, how it could sound like. Click to get to the audio post.

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