Call me a composing nerd

Well…what I finally achieved? A theoretic structure of the concept album.

In my head, it is nearly finished. And I tried to write down my thoughts and ideas, how to make a homogenic music concept.

In the past I have written a lot of songs for different bands. More songs than the bands could have played. So there is already existing a bunch of song material for space escapism opera. I just have to select the best songs that are working with the concept. I dissected the songs into single parts, instruments and tracks. Then I analyzed the character and atmosphere of the songs in the concept album and assigned the tracks to the fitting songs.

Listen to the audio file.

The songs are written with a midi program. So you can listen to a 8-bit version of the assigned song material:
01 Future (0:00-0:55)
02 Protagonist (0:55-1:14)
03 Technologies (1:14-1:44)
04 Moon (1:44-2:05)
05 Experiment (2:05-2:31)
06 Awakening (2:31-3:22)
07 Journey (3:22-4:08)

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