The concept album storyline – part one

This is the first part of the concept album storyline. It starts in a megacity in 2050.

The way to the tool store.
The streets of the megacity in the afternoon. We are in the middle of the 21st century. I enter my electro car. One of the few cars in the city that is not a sharing car. I tell my electric vehicle to drive to the tool store. My favourite store in this giant city. My car asks me what smell I would like to smell. I tell the car to generate the smell of coffee beans.

The engine starts by itself and takes the way on the 3rd level bridge.
We drive past the skyscrapers, one by one. Some have really beautiful structures. The architects were inspired by nature when they designed the buildings. Decades before no one could imagine to use lightweight fibre materials for buildings. They were too expensive.

I enjoy watching the cityscape. It is epic.
I lean back and relax. We drive past the hospital. I can see inside through the windows. Many robots help to carry medicine, to lift patients and to assist during operations. They are automatic systems, sensors and communicating machines. The society of machines.

I look upwards. The sky is nearly darkened by quadcopters.
It is easy to get a permission to fly them. But there are also many self-flying quadcopters. The whole city traffic has become very dense. But thanks to automated driving systems there are seldom any traffic jams. In the past we had street signs. Today the streets are free of street signs. The cars communicate with each other. The street signs disappeared with the standardization of automatic drive systems.

Now we have nearly arrived.
The car turns left and takes the street that leads to the tool store. Finally, on the 2nd underground level of Metropolis the car stops. “I hope you will enjoy your tool shopping tour.”

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