Revealed! The Cover for my Concept Album “Space Escapism Opera”

It’s finished now. This will be the cover for my concept album “Space Escapism Opera”. It is drawn by concept artist “Helge C. Balzer”.

The cover shows the situation in the year 2050, where most people use virtual reality for nearly everything. Work, spare time, games, relationships, sex etc.

The person on the cover died because of a faulty neuro implant and lies dead in his empty room. No one recognizes, because his avatar in the virtual reality is still alive.

The meaning of the eye on the cover? This is still a secret, until the album is finished. Stay tuned!

About Helge C. Balzer: Helge is a freelance illustrator for games, movies and books. He has illustrated for the RPG Pathfinder, Game of Thrones, Hennen’s novel “Die Elfen”, Necromancer and many more. You can see the works on his website

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