A melodic metalcore song, composed for a 3D shooter – got it?


Saviour of Rudra is a metalcore song I composed for a 3D retro shooter called “Zeal“. The chief developer of the game – Henrik Wollmann – came to me one day and asked me to write the story for his videogame.

I said to him: “Ok. But I also have an idea for a cool song for your game.” So the idea for the song “Saviour of Rudra” was born.

I asked Anny Missix – a great metal singer from the German band “Hellwerk” – to sing the vocals for Saviour of Rudra. And she really wanted to. This was worth it to mix and master the song in a professional music studio. So I went to the Never Ending Music studio in Regensburg, Germany, and showed the demo song to Basti, the owner of the studio. He liked it very much and put a lot of time and heart into the mixing and mastering of Saviour of Rudra.

Finally you can listen to the song on the progshot Soundcloud page. Enjoy!


Infos about Zeal: https://www.facebook.com/Zeal-575647459133826/
Infos about Never Ending Music: https://www.facebook.com/NeverEndingMusicTonstudio/

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