Second track from ambient EP “The Silence Cometh”

II. Pendulum Clock of Modulation
You are standing in a field full of mirrors. In the middle there is a pendulum clock, keeping on ticking. While you are looking around, what’s happening here, time goes on and on.

What happened so far…
In the first part of “The Silence Cometh – 3 Chapters to Redemption” you enjoyed the silence and beautiful landscape of the sea & mountain view. You could relax and forget all your sorrows. Here you can find the full blog post of “Dreaming Sun”

It’s about time.
You still enjoy the clear sky in your field full of mirrors. The pendulum clock is ticking louder now. Suddenly the sky gets grey, then darker. The setting is changing. You look through one of the mirrors and recognize, that the truth lies beneath it. It’s about time…to listen to the track.

Progressive – Listen to the sound of the future

I’ve recorded a demo of the first song from my concept album “space escapism opera”.

To listen to the song, click here:

Have Fun!

Details about the song you can view here:

How to design a story – the Snowflake Method

For the story design of the concept album I will use the Snowflake Method of Randy Ingermanson. I really appreciate that phycicist’s / award winning author’s method of designing a story. He details the story step by step like the endings of a snowflake, using several pirinciples. You can read them in detail on this Website

Here is an abstract for the principles of the snowflake method that I will adopt for the story of my concept album:
1) write a one-sentence-summary of the story
2) expand the sentence to a paragraph describing story setup, major disasters and the ending
3) write the characters’ storylines: name, motivation, goal, conflict, epiphany
4) grow the story, expand the sentences
5) make one-page-descriptions of major characters and half-page descriptions of other characters
6) write a four-page-plot synopsis

There are even more principles. But they are relevant for writing a novel, not a music album.
Next time I will sketch the story design of the alternative concept album.