3 scribbles – progressing the visual concept

Last time I gave a resume about my work on the concept album. I structured it into “story, visual and audio”. You can see the resume here.

I’ve seen on my whiteboard that I need to progress in visual concepts. That was my motivation to sit down, start sketching and watch a science fiction movie besides. Of course I also used the Moodboard for inspiration. I already finished 3 scribbles of 7.

Next time I will draw the other 4 scribbles. Then I will to color them. And before doing that, I will have to search for another cool science fiction movie. Like “Sunshine”.

Concept album – what happened so far?

Mingle-mangle. Salmagundi. Smorgasbord.

It’s a mixture of elements I used so far to develop the concept album “space escapism opera”.

First I wrote a story concept.
Then I structured the album in an rock album matrix.
After that I generated a moodboard.
I sketched my vision of a megacity 2050. That’s the first part of the story and the intro of the album.
To find an album title I used the mindmapping technique. It’s a well known creative tool for fast ideation.
The result is a structure grouped into 3 categories: story, visual, audio.

In these days I listen to old sound footage of mine to find some inspiration for the song structures.

Why this album title?

What is the meaning of space escapism opera?

The title of the concept album consists of the terms space, escapism and opera. Why these terms?

Why escapism?
Escapism describes an era, when people wanted to escape from reality. Out protagonist wants to escape from a world full of technology. The Technologies lead to diseases.

Why space escapism?
Many people in 2050 try to move to outer space. They want to follow up the moon colony. Space escapism also means to escape from the space where all people live in densely populated megacities. So the space can also be seen as places like rooms, buildings and cities.

Why opera?
An opera is a big art work combining text and a musical score. It tells an epic dramatic story.

Space escapism opera also includes the term space opera, which is a subgenre of science fiction, telling a melodramatic story that is set in outer space.

These are the ingredients that create that delicious album title space escapism opera.
Hear the audio files again, how it could sound like. Click to get to the audio post.

The album title is…

space escapism opera

To find the album title I used the creativity technique mindmapping.
I took all the words that I used in the moodboard. Then I searched for words that are related to each other. I tried different combinations of the words. Also titles with 1, 2 and 3 words.
Finally, after my head was smoldering like a chimney, I decided to call the album space escapism opera.

Next time I will explain the meaning of the title space escapism opera.

Update: Test audio files

Here are the links to the 2 test audio files for the first 2 songs of the concept album.
There was too much traffic on my Dropbox account , so they locked my public links. Intelligent.
So I published the files on SoundCloud. Here you are.

01 Future
02 Protagonist

Did I already mention, that next time I will find a name for the alternative progressive future rock concept album?

Great ideas how to write a concept album

This will inspire me on my concept album development. I’ve found a great article on “Wikihow” with tips and warnings.

Here the six steps you have to follow:

1. Listen to lots of existing concept albums.
2. Try to become a good so gwriter for songs generally.
3. Try to identify your concept.
4. Once you’ve got some kind of storyline in your head, try to separate it into various themes or moods for different parts / scenes and WRITE THEM DOWN.
5. Try to decide on specific styles, sets of chords or repeating sequences of notes or chords (technically called “leitmotifs”) or sound effects to represent different things.
6. Start writing lyrics and music around this framework you’ve built up.

The whole article you can read on

Wikihow – how to write a concept album

I will use it for the research report on my alternative progressive future rock concept album. Ok, next time I REALLY have to find a name for that thing.

Megacity 2050 – there won’t be flying cars

The concept album deals with future visions of the year 2050.

In many science fiction movies we see flying cars in giant cities. But there won’t be flying cars in the future. As we can read in the book “Technolution” by Matthias Horx, humans are not made for moving in 3 dimensions, but in 2. Only aviators will use flying vehicles, just like today.

The alternative concept album will describe a realistic vision of 2050. The buildings will be high and the cities will expand in the underground area, too. The streets will be build on several levels. But none of the cars will ever fly.

Next time I will post a sound file for the Megacity, that is the intro of the concept album.

Moodboard for music

Moodboards enable a person to illustrate visually the direction of style or they visually explain a certain style of writing. That’s what Wikipedia writes.

I use the moodboard to explain the style of music for the concept album. It’s like 7 moodboards, explaining the style of the 7 songs. What does the style look like? Like futuristic sounds of progressive rock? Alternative science fiction music? I hope so.

Structured as hell – the rock album matrix

Interludes decorate your room with acoustic streamers and balloons.
There will be 7 pieces on the concept album. I think it’s enough for a alternative rock album. Like in great symphonies, there will be a prelude and a “grande finale”. Between the songs there are interludes. The interludes are instrumental and support the futuristic atmosphere. They will decorate your room with acoustic streamers and balloons.

Grandma will have difficulties to clap to the rhythm of progressive rock
The songs tell the story in words. They will be progressive, complex and epically long. Grandma will have difficulties to clap her hands to the rhythm of progressive rock.

I think in the next post it’s time for a futuristic moodboard.