Jericho rag doll – a crowdfunding reward

This will be the next small big thing!

The main character from the concept album “Space Escapism Opera” will become a reward for the crowdfunding of the album. This is the prototype, made by my wife. The real reward will be bigger than this.

I have planned to realize the reward as soon as the project has collected 500€ for support. So get up and support this project on You can also get several rewards, not only one.

The main Character “Jericho” is a material scientist, who is sick of the world full of technologies in 2050. The aerospace program “Moon Colonization” is the only chance to escape from the sick world.

Jericho rag doll back

Crowdfunding for “Space Escapism Opera” has reached launch phase

The crowdfunding for my concept album “Space Escapism Opera” moves into the launch phase.
I’m very excited to see, how many fans the project will get to move into the financing phase.

Just view the project presentation. If you like it, become a fan 🙂

The concept album storyline – part one

This is the first part of the concept album storyline. It starts in a megacity in 2050.

The way to the tool store.
The streets of the megacity in the afternoon. We are in the middle of the 21st century. I enter my electro car. One of the few cars in the city that is not a sharing car. I tell my electric vehicle to drive to the tool store. My favourite store in this giant city. My car asks me what smell I would like to smell. I tell the car to generate the smell of coffee beans.

The engine starts by itself and takes the way on the 3rd level bridge.
We drive past the skyscrapers, one by one. Some have really beautiful structures. The architects were inspired by nature when they designed the buildings. Decades before no one could imagine to use lightweight fibre materials for buildings. They were too expensive.

I enjoy watching the cityscape. It is epic.
I lean back and relax. We drive past the hospital. I can see inside through the windows. Many robots help to carry medicine, to lift patients and to assist during operations. They are automatic systems, sensors and communicating machines. The society of machines.

I look upwards. The sky is nearly darkened by quadcopters.
It is easy to get a permission to fly them. But there are also many self-flying quadcopters. The whole city traffic has become very dense. But thanks to automated driving systems there are seldom any traffic jams. In the past we had street signs. Today the streets are free of street signs. The cars communicate with each other. The street signs disappeared with the standardization of automatic drive systems.

Now we have nearly arrived.
The car turns left and takes the street that leads to the tool store. Finally, on the 2nd underground level of Metropolis the car stops. “I hope you will enjoy your tool shopping tour.”

The album title is…

space escapism opera

To find the album title I used the creativity technique mindmapping.
I took all the words that I used in the moodboard. Then I searched for words that are related to each other. I tried different combinations of the words. Also titles with 1, 2 and 3 words.
Finally, after my head was smoldering like a chimney, I decided to call the album space escapism opera.

Next time I will explain the meaning of the title space escapism opera.

Update: Test audio files

Here are the links to the 2 test audio files for the first 2 songs of the concept album.
There was too much traffic on my Dropbox account , so they locked my public links. Intelligent.
So I published the files on SoundCloud. Here you are.

01 Future
02 Protagonist

Did I already mention, that next time I will find a name for the alternative progressive future rock concept album?

Megacity 2050 – there won’t be flying cars

The concept album deals with future visions of the year 2050.

In many science fiction movies we see flying cars in giant cities. But there won’t be flying cars in the future. As we can read in the book “Technolution” by Matthias Horx, humans are not made for moving in 3 dimensions, but in 2. Only aviators will use flying vehicles, just like today.

The alternative concept album will describe a realistic vision of 2050. The buildings will be high and the cities will expand in the underground area, too. The streets will be build on several levels. But none of the cars will ever fly.

Next time I will post a sound file for the Megacity, that is the intro of the concept album.

Moodboard for music

Moodboards enable a person to illustrate visually the direction of style or they visually explain a certain style of writing. That’s what Wikipedia writes.

I use the moodboard to explain the style of music for the concept album. It’s like 7 moodboards, explaining the style of the 7 songs. What does the style look like? Like futuristic sounds of progressive rock? Alternative science fiction music? I hope so.

Structured as hell – the rock album matrix

Interludes decorate your room with acoustic streamers and balloons.
There will be 7 pieces on the concept album. I think it’s enough for a alternative rock album. Like in great symphonies, there will be a prelude and a “grande finale”. Between the songs there are interludes. The interludes are instrumental and support the futuristic atmosphere. They will decorate your room with acoustic streamers and balloons.

Grandma will have difficulties to clap to the rhythm of progressive rock
The songs tell the story in words. They will be progressive, complex and epically long. Grandma will have difficulties to clap her hands to the rhythm of progressive rock.

I think in the next post it’s time for a futuristic moodboard.

The story concept – escapism in the year 2050

This diagram shows a raw story concept of the album.

In the year 2050 there is a giant race of technologies.
The major desasters start from these technologies. Surveillance and cyber wars start from digital technologies. Neurotechnologies make the brain-computer-interaction possible, but they also lead to psychiatric diseases. Biotechnologies and bioengineering lead to physical illnesses.

The world has become sick and wounded.
This is the point when we meet the protagonist. The main character of the story. He wants to escape from this sick world. He wants to live in a world without digital, biological or neurotechnologies. A world leaded by the basics of all technologies. Analog technologies. But analog techologies have poor financial resources on earth.

Moon colonization – a brave new world.
The aerospace program “moon colonization” is the only chance of the protagonist to escape from the sick old world. And it has sufficiant financial resources to develop analog technologies. But you have to comply many requirements to take part at the aerospace program. Now this is the motivation of the main character. The goal to fly away from this world and to enter a brave new world.