Enjoy – new demo track from concept album

A few days ago, I produced a demo of the song “Finale – The Journey”. It is the seventh and last song on the concept album project “Space Escapism Opera”. “Finale – The Journey” is an instrumental progressive metal track that closes the curtain of the epic science fiction story on the album.

Markus Vogel from the band “Damaged Beyond Repair” (https://soundcloud.com/d-b-r) played and recorded the guitars. He mixed the guitar recordings in his home studio and sent me the files. This is the way songs are produced today. The other instruments were programmed for the demo.
There is still the crowdfunding campaign running for the professional production of the concept album. Read more on https://www.startnext.com/space-escapism-opera

Now listen to that progressive piece of art, I hope you like it.

Working titles become final titles

I have thought about the titles on my concept album Space Escapism Opera and have changed the working titles of the songs into final titles. It was important for me to have titles with different lengths and to make other people curious about the songs.

working titles:


final titles of Space Escapism Opera

01. Ouverture – Megacity 2050
02. Jericho
03. Race of Technologies
04. Moon Colonization – A New Ressource
05. The Experiment
06. New Eyes – Escape from a World of Sickness
07. Finale – The Journey

You can listen to a few songs on Soundcloud