Lyrics inspiration – this will bring your song closer to the audience

You write a song about someone and need more inspiration with the lyrics.
These aspects will give your lyrics more depth and bring it closer to your audience.

Lyrics Inspiration Poster (L.I.P.)

1. Self-referred and Visible
– details of your protagonist
 (“Feel the sweat break on my brow” – Iron Maiden)
– his outfit – what does he wear?
 (“…of white skin on red leather” – Deftones)
– how does he move?
– his look – does he have a beard, glasses etc.?

2. Self-referred and Invisible
– other senses – what does he hear or smell?
– is he suffering from pain?
– what are the protagonist’s future plans?
(“Following our will and wind we may just go where no one’s been” – Tool)
– in what mood is he? angry? sad?

3. Environmental and Visible
– location – where does the story take place?
– what events happen? a disaster?
 (“Infernal machines arise, flesh and steel collide” – Symphony X)
– what’s the weather like?
– what time of day is it? morning? evening?
 (“In the cold light of morning, while everyone’s yawning” – Placebo)

4. Environmental and Invisible
– what year is it? at some point in the future?
– what time is it?
   (“11 a.m., by now you would think that I would be up” – Incubus)
– what is the temperature in the room / outside?
– does the political situation play a role in the story?
   (“A black flag and a red star, a rising sun loomin’ over Los Angeles” – Rage against the Machine)

You don’t have to use ALL of these aspects in your song, of course. But the more you use, the more images you give the audience. And the closer you get to them.

Jericho rag doll – a crowdfunding reward

This will be the next small big thing!

The main character from the concept album “Space Escapism Opera” will become a reward for the crowdfunding of the album. This is the prototype, made by my wife. The real reward will be bigger than this.

I have planned to realize the reward as soon as the project has collected 500€ for support. So get up and support this project on You can also get several rewards, not only one.

The main Character “Jericho” is a material scientist, who is sick of the world full of technologies in 2050. The aerospace program “Moon Colonization” is the only chance to escape from the sick world.

Jericho rag doll back

Working titles become final titles

I have thought about the titles on my concept album Space Escapism Opera and have changed the working titles of the songs into final titles. It was important for me to have titles with different lengths and to make other people curious about the songs.

working titles:


final titles of Space Escapism Opera

01. Ouverture – Megacity 2050
02. Jericho
03. Race of Technologies
04. Moon Colonization – A New Ressource
05. The Experiment
06. New Eyes – Escape from a World of Sickness
07. Finale – The Journey

You can listen to a few songs on Soundcloud

Concept album – what happened so far?

Mingle-mangle. Salmagundi. Smorgasbord.

It’s a mixture of elements I used so far to develop the concept album “space escapism opera”.

First I wrote a story concept.
Then I structured the album in an rock album matrix.
After that I generated a moodboard.
I sketched my vision of a megacity 2050. That’s the first part of the story and the intro of the album.
To find an album title I used the mindmapping technique. It’s a well known creative tool for fast ideation.
The result is a structure grouped into 3 categories: story, visual, audio.

In these days I listen to old sound footage of mine to find some inspiration for the song structures.

Why this album title?

What is the meaning of space escapism opera?

The title of the concept album consists of the terms space, escapism and opera. Why these terms?

Why escapism?
Escapism describes an era, when people wanted to escape from reality. Out protagonist wants to escape from a world full of technology. The Technologies lead to diseases.

Why space escapism?
Many people in 2050 try to move to outer space. They want to follow up the moon colony. Space escapism also means to escape from the space where all people live in densely populated megacities. So the space can also be seen as places like rooms, buildings and cities.

Why opera?
An opera is a big art work combining text and a musical score. It tells an epic dramatic story.

Space escapism opera also includes the term space opera, which is a subgenre of science fiction, telling a melodramatic story that is set in outer space.

These are the ingredients that create that delicious album title space escapism opera.
Hear the audio files again, how it could sound like. Click to get to the audio post.