Update: Test audio files

Here are the links to the 2 test audio files for the first 2 songs of the concept album.
There was too much traffic on my Dropbox account , so they locked my public links. Intelligent.
So I published the files on SoundCloud. Here you are.

01 Future
02 Protagonist

Did I already mention, that next time I will find a name for the alternative progressive future rock concept album?

Moodboard for music

Moodboards enable a person to illustrate visually the direction of style or they visually explain a certain style of writing. That’s what Wikipedia writes.

I use the moodboard to explain the style of music for the concept album. It’s like 7 moodboards, explaining the style of the 7 songs. What does the style look like? Like futuristic sounds of progressive rock? Alternative science fiction music? I hope so.

Structured as hell – the rock album matrix

Interludes decorate your room with acoustic streamers and balloons.
There will be 7 pieces on the concept album. I think it’s enough for a alternative rock album. Like in great symphonies, there will be a prelude and a “grande finale”. Between the songs there are interludes. The interludes are instrumental and support the futuristic atmosphere. They will decorate your room with acoustic streamers and balloons.

Grandma will have difficulties to clap to the rhythm of progressive rock
The songs tell the story in words. They will be progressive, complex and epically long. Grandma will have difficulties to clap her hands to the rhythm of progressive rock.

I think in the next post it’s time for a futuristic moodboard.

Progshot? What is it about?

Okay. This is my first post and i will tell you what it’s all about. I’m gonna develop a music album. A concept album. An alternative future rock concept album.
I will write the music, record the guitar, program the other instruments, draw the visual concept. And I will inform you about the progress of the project.
I ‘m really excited.