Jericho rag doll – a crowdfunding reward

This will be the next small big thing!

The main character from the concept album “Space Escapism Opera” will become a reward for the crowdfunding of the album. This is the prototype, made by my wife. The real reward will be bigger than this.

I have planned to realize the reward as soon as the project has collected 500€ for support. So get up and support this project on You can also get several rewards, not only one.

The main Character “Jericho” is a material scientist, who is sick of the world full of technologies in 2050. The aerospace program “Moon Colonization” is the only chance to escape from the sick world.

Jericho rag doll back

Crowdfunding for “Space Escapism Opera” has reached launch phase

The crowdfunding for my concept album “Space Escapism Opera” moves into the launch phase.
I’m very excited to see, how many fans the project will get to move into the financing phase.

Just view the project presentation. If you like it, become a fan 🙂